• August 25, 2022
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Give your hotel a competitive advantage

Competition is fierce in the resort and hotel industry. Mini Golf Creations can give your hotel an edge and make your hotel stand out from the others by creating an amazing mini golf course for your patrons that will increase hotel income.

Hotels are more than just a place to sleep. Many have amenities such as: restaurants, bars, gyms, pools, spas, and saunas for guests to utilise. Hotels that have extra amenities set themselves apart from their competition. If your hotel offers mini golf and the others don’t that could well be the deciding factor on where guests choose to book and stay.

The universal appeal of mini golf will attract attention and also guests to your hotel. Mini golf appeals to all generations from senior citizens to toddlers. A mini golf course in the hotel can be used as another income stream or offered as an amenity for guests to enjoy while staying at the hotel.

Mini Golf Creations can tailor the miniature golf course to suit the hotel style, space, and budget while also aiming to increase hotel income. You may choose to utilise an outdoor area, terrace, or balcony to construct the course. Or you may decide to build the course inside the hotel which means fewer disruptions to play from bad weather and you can also create some pretty cool glow-in-the-dark holes using black light as part of the course.

Increase Hotel Income with mini golf

Objectives and goals of your hotel mini golf course

Each mini golf course is designed and created to meet the customers unique expectations. The team at Mini Golf Creations wants your hotel miniature golf course want to not only meet your goals but exceed them. We want the course to tick all your boxes for aesthetics, space, style, and budget.

Ideally, the miniature golf course should:

  • be interactive, playable, and fun for all age groups
  • attract more business/clients to the hotel
  • differentiate your hotel from the competition
  • create uniqueness in your hotel
  • encourage repeat business
  • be accessible to all to play
  • compliment the hotel style and theme
  • give the player a choice of alternate routes to reach the hole
  • be challenging enough to keep people entertained but not too difficult

Increase Hotel Income with mini golf

Why mini golf to increase hotel income?

There are two main types of hotel guests – the business traveller or the vacationer wanting some rest and relaxation. Mini golf appeals to both types of guests.

What better way to unwind after a hard day of business meetings than a friendly game of mini golf and drinks? Family holidays are always more memorable when you can all do something together regardless of age or abilities, mini golf is the perfect fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

Increase Hotel Income with mini golf

Extra income stream

You may offer inclusive unlimited mini golf rounds for your guests, including one game per stay, or charge for each round of mini golf.

If you charge anything for the mini golf games for guests or visitors this creates an extra income stream for the hotel.  There are also many easy add-ons that can increase this extra income.

Here are some income stream ideas to add-on to mini golf:

  • If the hotel is licensed have QR codes that can be scanned at designated holes of the mini golf course where patrons can order drinks and have them delivered to that hole.
  • Have some theme nights (Monday Margarita and Mini Golf, Pizza and Putt Putt, Wednesday Wine and Wacky golf, Cocktails and Crazy golf, Coffee & Croissants and Crazy golf, etc) this increases income in restaurants and bars as well as mini golf games. When they book in for a mini golf deal they receive a voucher to dine at the restaurant/receive drinks from the bar after or during the game.
  • Offer kids parties with mini golf, hotdogs, and drinks at a fixed price per child
  • Reduced prices for repeat business. Come and play again and you will get 25% off your mini golf game, or a free drink next time you play.
  • Arcade games in the foyer area can generate income and keep the kids occupied while the parents enjoy a coffee

Why choose Mini Golf Creations to design and construct your hotel miniature golf course?

Mini Golf Creations have a wealth of experience after building many miniature golf courses all around the globe. Putting it simply – we know what we are doing and we know how to do it. The owners of Mini Golf Creations are very passionate about their business. We build every single miniature golf course as if it was for our own personal enjoyment and income stream.

Get in touch with us today to start designing the perfect mini golf course for your hotel.