• August 20, 2021
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  • Tracy Duncan

If you’re a lover of golf, the chances are you often dream about owning your own golf course. Unfortunately, this dream seems unachievable due to costs and space limitations. However, with the rise of artificial putting greens, there is another option for Australian backyards and golf lovers alike.

How to plan for your backyard putting green

Planning is essential for your backyard putting green installation. Make sure that you work with a qualified putting green installer and designer to plan out the area as it is much easier to alter a design than to adjust a putting green once installed if something isn’t quite right.

Before you start the process of installing your backyard putting green, there are several things that you will need to take into consideration.

  • Size of your nominated area.
  • Location of your nominated area.
  • How much you plan to use the area.
  • Landscaping options.


Backyard Putting Green Surface

For your backyard putting green, you need to ensure that you have a durable surface which can easily endure everyday wear and tear. Artificial putting greens are the ideal solution and guarantee the area it will look green all year round. Artificial grass is low-maintenance and cost-effective.

Putting Green Landscaping

Landscaping options are endless for your backyard putting green. Your ideas can become a reality to incorporate landscaping such as seating, garden edging, plantings, whatever dreams you have that can be incorporated within your space.

Choose the right putting green installer

At Mini Golf Creations, we are experts in designing and installing custom putting greens for Australian backyards. In our experience, we use high quality artificial grass (putting grass) and ensure the green is designed and installed to the highest standard. We won’t be happy if you’re not happy!

The Mini Golf Creations team are golf fanatics. We are passionate about providing the best quality backyard putting green for our clients and have installed artificial putting greens in many styles and many locations across Australia and worldwide.

With our team of experts you’ll receive end to end service from design and landscaping to installation. Your backyard putting green will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours, and by improving your opportunity to practice your short game, you’ll be shooting low scores on the course as well.

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