• September 17, 2020
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  • Tracy Duncan

What better way is there to spend a fun and engaging afternoon outside with your family, than heading over to the mini golf course? Mini golf is the perfect way to spend a memorable day outside, especially if you have kids. It is not just a game but can also prove to be an exciting educational and physical experience for children.

Mini Golf Creations suggests some ways in which kids can benefit from mini-golf apart from just the fun factor!


Promotes Physical Activity

Children today are more into staying inside all day on their mobile phones and other gadgets that take them away from the real physical world. Physical activity is vital for their health and mental wellbeing. If you are a concerned parent who wants their kids to experience the fresh air and engage in more physical activities, mini golf is the best way to do so. It allows them to experience the outdoors and burn those extra calories. It is found that a simple game of mini golf can burn up to 300 calories in an hour! Getting your kids involved in more creative outdoor activities will make them physically fit, all while having fun!


Develops Social Skills

Mini golf courses are usually full of families and children and provide a perfect socializing opportunity for your kids. They can interact with each other and learn social skills such as sportsmanship and cooperation. Kids learn how to follow the rules, wait for their turn, and be respectful of others. This helps build their self-control and perseverance abilities. Moreover, interaction in such an environment can also help promote a bit of healthy competition among children. They can learn to become better at their communication with their parents and with other kids as well.


Educates Children

There are many educational benefits that your kids can get from playing a round of mini golf. The game encourages the use of math skills. Children calculate their scores at each hole that they play, which can help their brains pick up quick mental math. Mini golf can also improve memory. Children must remember how many strokes they make to reach each hole.

Moreover, each hole is usually designed in a unique way with different obstacles. This encourages kids to use their creative skills to work out a solution so that they can win the game. The game is also known to help develop hand-eye coordination, balance, concentration, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.


Strengthens Family Bonds

Mini golf can be a perfect way for parents to improve their bonds with their kids by engaging in fun activities that they enjoy. It provides a perfect opportunity to strengthen your ties and communication with your children. The best part about mini golf is that anyone can play, and both parents and children can enjoy their experience. This also helps kids build their confidence and learn something new. Anyone can get good at this game with a bit of practice. The whole family can take advantage of these benefits while having fun and learning something new.

Mini Golf Creations also provide a range of portable pop up mini golf systems, another way for you and your family to enjoy this great game…

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