Build A Mini-Golf Course with A Difference

  • July 20, 2020
  • Construction,Courses,Design,
  • Tracy Duncan
build mini-golf course

Mini golf is just like golf – only infinitely more fun and exciting. If you are planning to build and open up a mini-golf course, the design and execution of the course are vital if you wish to stand out amongst your competition. Your mini-golf course needs the right innovation, design, and fun to match the youthful and energetic vibe of the sport. This is where Mini Golf Creations can help you and your business.

Whether you require perfect execution of your existing design or are searching for an innovative and unique plan that takes into consideration all your requirements, Mini Golf Creations can provide it all. Our designs are far above the conventional and boring standard mini golf courses, with a lot more time and thought given to the planning and design stage.

Our entire team, from our team-leaders to construction crew, are all determined to give you the best customer experience that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Their passion for the job will assure you that your project is in safe hands and will be executed with great care, from start to finish.

Our design process ensures that there is continuous communication with the client.

Planning The (Mini Golf) Course Of Action

The planning process includes brainstorming ideas and creating a basic outline of the direction the mini-golf course should take. A site visit by us at this stage will ensure that everything fits into place when visualised in the actual location. By setting up a basic plan, we can make sure that things are on track and leave little space for confusion or miscommunication.

Drawing Out Your Dream Course

When you are satisfied with the direction Mini Golf Creations suggests for your mini-golf course, and things become official, a detailed map and design including a drawing of the course, drainage plans, and earthwork plans.

The construction phase will not begin until you are fully content and happy with the proposals presented to you. Your satisfaction is our goal, and every person on our team is fully committed to achieving that for you.

Construction And Execution

Our experienced workforce has been carefully selected to bring the mini-golf course designs to life, making sure the quality does not falter at any stage of construction. Great attention is given to all the fine details, and close supervision at every turn ensures that nothing goes off course.

At Mini Golf Creations, we are driven by the desire to be different and one of a kind. Our designs and execution reflect our values, and the primary focus of our entire operation is to make our customers dream mini-golf courses a reality. Call us today at +61 73823 2009 to schedule an appointment or arrange a site visit.