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Custom Backyard Putting Greens

The first step to obtaining your wonderful home putting green is the design.  Our professional designers will inspect your site and design a custom putting green that best meets your preferences, the physical constraints and your budget.

Obviously, the larger the size available the more creative and superior the designs can be incorporating more golf practice options.   However, even within a small area, we can design a putting green that you can practice on to help reduce your handicap.  

Once we have evaluated the site, consulted in length with you regarding your needs, we will create the design, present it to you and then collaboratively will make amendments or adjustments if required. 

On the design has been finalised, your artificial grass putting green will then be manufactured and will be delivered ready to be unpacked and installed.


Backyard Putting Greens

The installation of home putting greens is a growing trend in Australia and we at Mini Golf Creations are experts in designing and installing custom putting greens for home users – at your home, within the lawn in your garden, elsewhere in your garden, on concrete or paved areas or on your balcony or rooftop deck.

Our experience is in synthetic outdoor and backyard putting greens. We use our top quality artificial turf  (putting grass) and can create a wonderful putting green just for you.

We are passionate about providing the best quality custom putting green for our clients and have installed artificial putting greens in a variety of styles and locations. 

Besides extensive experience in home putting greens, we have also supplied artificial grass putting greens for golf courses, shopping centres, caravan parks and other commercial facilities. 

We know what we are doing, and we do it well.




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Home Putting Green Installation

The surface preparation is of paramount importance in home putting green installation.  For this reason, our backyard putting green installers are highly experienced and experts in what they do. 

No matter where your artificial putting green is to be installed – on an existing lawn, elsewhere within a backyard, in an area of unsightly concrete or pavers, on an apartment rooftop garden we have done it all before and will ensure that once installed your putting green delivers both in terms of enjoyment as well as low maintenance and problem-free.

Our putting green installers and our wider team of landscapers can also take care of all your landscaping needs such as seating, garden edging, plantings, whatever dreams you have that can be incorporated within your space. 

We have designed and installed outdoor putting greens for small backyards through to waterfront homes and the results have been impressive every time.

The total design and installation process is probably faster than you expect, contact us today and you can get practising and working on reducing your handicap very soon.  

Improve your putting stroke and chipping – your short game and overall lower your golf handicap!


For more information about our custom backyard putting greens drop us a line today.