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Mini Golf Renovations

Is it time for a renovation or remodel of your mini golf course?

Is your attraction not performing as it used to? The field specialists Mini Golf Creations can help you revamp your course and increase its value.

Born from the desire to create a superior miniature golf experience, Mini Golf Creations has decades of experience in the golf industry and have artfully been able capture the essence of real golf within their stunning mini golf courses.  

Being experts in miniature golf course construction, Mini Golf Creations also excel in mini golf course renovations, as their extensive experience has given them an eye for identifying and rectifying problems from the commonplace to the obscure. With only the highest quality construction and materials in use, you can rest assured that Mini Golf Creations will take care of even the smallest details and give your course a sophisticated and durable makeover.

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Signs that it is time for a mini golf remodel:

  • Artificial grass that has been worn down, torn or is peeling away from the join.

All synthetic turf will experience wear and tear eventually, however cheap, low-quality turf will need to be replaced far more often. Mini Golf Creations uses a premium synthetic grass from a quality manufacturer which is highly durable and therefore requires replacement far less frequently than other brands.

  • Features that are broken or look tired and old
  • Structural issues such as instability, loose bricks, cracked pavers or failing water features
  • Decreased performance, e.g. declining attendance and revenue
  • Disappointing and dated overall impression of the course/ you feel it has lost its excitement value
  • Negative customer reviews


We can evaluate your course in terms of the following factors and determine how to maximize its value through renovation.

  • Playability and flow optimization
  • Theme/ concept
  • Impression value and interest
  • Obstacles and difficulty
  • Landscaping
  • Signage and continuity of concept
  • Space optimization
  • Hole placement
  • Water features
  • Sand traps
  • Lighting and visibility
  • Synthetic turf replacement
  • Edge systems

Our Work

Take a look at this project Mini Golf Creations completed in Carrara

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Mini Golf creations are experts in mini golf course renovations, and will carefully evaluate your current course and space to provide you with specialised, custom renovation recommendations and plans.