Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting Skills?

  • November 15, 2021
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  • Tracy Duncan
Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting Skills

Mini golf may seem like a caricature version of the actual sport of golf, but do not be fooled – it is a sport in itself. Many people want to know if Mini Golf will improve their putting skills. The many hurdles and obstacles placed on the golf course make it a challenge for even the most accurate shooters. Not only is the sport of mini golf difficult but the design of the courses can give even the most season players challenges.

In fact, a game of mini golf can burn up to 300 calories!

Putting is hitting a golf ball so that it comes as close to or makes it into the hole. Although it may seem easy from the stands, putting requires spectacular focus and precision. It requires arduous work and dedication to be able to learn how to putt well.

This begs the question: is there a way to learn how to be a more successful putter? Or better yet, does mini golfing help your putting skills?

Let’s analyse this very question in our latest article.

Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting Skills

Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting Skills

The Good

1. Smaller, More Accurate Strokes

As the name suggests, mini-golfing has a smaller court than the typical green fields of an actual golf course. This means that the holes are nearby, and the distance is shorter.

This can help you practice smaller, more precise strokes. When you have mastered the art of swing-control, it can pave the way to other, more challenging golfing obstacles.

Establishing eye contact with the hole and the ball will help you figure out the speed and direction you need to make each play. It instills a golfing discipline in you.

2. Good Posture

Golfing is all about posture and precision. Knowing and practicing your golfing stance is the first step to becoming a good golfer.

This is where the mini golf is of great help. The holes are nearby, so you can have a sense of direction. Consecutive putting will help you figure out your golfing tempo and what works for you on the course.

The Bad

1. Different Course Conditions

The mini golf course is very similar to the life-size golf course, but there are many differences as well. For starters, the actual golf course is built on the grass with soil underneath, while most mini-golf parks have concrete grounds.

This means that the way your club swings at a golf course, as well as how the ball moves, is likely to not be the same.

So, although the strokes may be the same, the power and degree of swing are subject to change.

2. Less Professional

The equipment, such as attire, gloves, and clubs, can also vary.

The clubs used for mini golf are usually lightweight and of a lower quality than the ones used for professional golfing. This means that the golfer may have to alter the way they play when they switch from one mode to the other.

The Verdict

It does seem in theory that the skills gained in mini golf can be adapted to playing more professionally. However, there are too many variables to form a concrete connection between the two.

While mini golf can help your posture and even your strokes, it is not a substitute for playing on a real golf course. Mini Golf Creations can help you design and build an amazing mini golf course. Call us today at 61 7 3823 2009 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

PS Mini Golf Creations also provide a range of portable pop up mini golf courses as well…

*This article “Does Mini Golf Help Your Putting Skills” was originally posted on 16 December 2020, and reposted with updates on 16 November 2021.