How to Play Mini Golf: Tips for All Ages

  • December 21, 2022
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  • Tracy Duncan
How to Play Mini Golf: Tips for All Ages - Mini Golf Creations

Mini Golf is such a wonderful game. It’s accessible and requires little in the way of physical effort. It transcends generations and can be played whether you’re 6 or 106! This article details some basic steps to playing the game as well as a couple of top tips to help you score your best.

In this blog, we will explore how to play mini golf at any age.  And how Mini Golf Creations creates engaging and modern courses.


How to Play Mini Golf in Australia

1. Start Each Hole at the Designated Point

This is pretty obvious. There are designated starting points on each hole where each player has to take their first shot from. After that though, you’re on your own!

2. Wait Until the Ball Has Stopped Moving Before Hitting It Again

At times Mini Golf can be very frustrating and getting the ball in the hole seems an impossibility. This leads to people hitting the ball while it’s still in motion. This is a big no-no and completely against the rules. The ball must have come to a full stop before players are able to hit it again.

3. Don’t Swing the Club Too High

This one is for safety. If players start to try and hit it too hard or joke around by making full swings, they run the risk of injuring someone.

4. Bring Your Own Putter

It is always beneficial if players bring their own putters. The putters for hire at Mini Golf courses are usually of low quality and may not be the right size. Using your own putter gives you the best chance for success.

5. Study the Hole

Before hitting, take the time to study the hole. Which way it slopes and if there are any hazards to avoid. This allows you to formulate a strategy for each shot.

6. Take Relief from the Walls

In Mini Golf, it is quite acceptable to take relief from the boundary walls that line each hole. Players are allowed to move their balls a putter head length from the walls before hitting their next shot.

7. Watch Your Playing Partners

Watch your playing partners carefully. It will give you the line of the putt and increase your chances of success in the game. It should also give an indication of how hard to hit the ball.

8. Enjoy it!

But most of all, enjoy it! Mini Golf is all about fun and if you’re not having fun, there’s no point in playing!!!

At Mini Golf Creations we build quality Mini Golf courses that are loved by all generations. If you would like to talk to us about building a Mini Golf course, then please feel free to get in contact. We look forward to hearing from you!