Mini Golf FAQs

FAQ’s About Mini Golf

Why invest in a miniature golf course?

As a business opportunity in its own right. Or as another income stream for a business, you already have like a golf course, shopping centre or caravan park.

How long have mini-golf courses been popular?

Mini golf origins are traced back to Scotland. In 1827 The Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews built one for women golfers. Since the 1950’s Putt-Putt and mini-golf became popular as anyone could play. Having a mini-golf course is now a great business opportunity.

What sort of areas are suitable for building mini-golf courses?

Adjoining an existing golf course
Industrial sites
Caravan Parks
Sports Complexes
Hotels and Clubs

What is the smallest amount of land that is needed for a mini-golf course?

The average size of outdoor mini-golf courses is about 2000 square metres, however, they can range anywhere from 1200 square metres to 3000 square metres. Choosing the land to construct your course on is the first stage, and careful consideration should be given to the topography of the area.
Mini Golf Creations can work with you and design a course to get the most out of your space.

Is there a specific demographic that is more likely to regularly patronise a miniature golf course?

All people, of all ages love mini golf! It’s a great day out as a family activity on the weekend or to catch up with friends. It also makes a great first date! Mini golf can also be a fantastic corporate day out to reward your staff.

When looking for a site for the development of a mini-golf course, what are the most important criteria?

The old real estate motto, ‘Location, location, location!’ also applies to building a mini-golf course business. Choosing the right location can be a huge factor in determining your success.
If you are thinking of adding a mini-golf course to an existing business (e.g. a golf course, resort, amusement park, or holiday park), then your location will already be fixed. But, you can still think about how to locate the course on your existing site, as well as how to maximise visibility to traffic and passers-by.

What are the operating costs of an established mini-golf course?

The overall annual cost can vary depending on the design, ranging up to $70,000.

Do you have any information about how many players a week, month year are required for the business to be profitable?

Revenue can vary depending on the price of the tickets. The ticket fee can range up to approximately $20- $30 for an 18- hole course layout. Annual revenue generated from a golf club can range up to $500,000, depending on the size of the business.

Are there any add-ons that add to the profitability of a mini-golf course?

The opportunities are endless – vending machines, coffee carts, cafes and bars, playgrounds, and arcade games are just some of the add ons Mini Golf Creations clients have at their courses.

What is the most profitable size (how many holes) of miniature golf courses?

The size of your mini-golf course (the number of holes) is important for several reasons. It will partially determine how:
-much money you will need to invest upfront
-much you can charge for tickets
-likely you are to entice repeat customers.
In many cases, the size of a mini-golf course will be determined by the size of your land. However, Mini Golf Creations can work with you and design a course to get the most out of your space.

For the designing and building of an average mini-golf course with mini-golf creations what sort of $ investment is involved in Australia?

Mini golf start-up costs typically start from $150,000 to $250,000 with high end large developments costing well over $1,000,000. As in any construction project, costs vary significantly depending on the location, size, local land prices and availability of resources.

How long does it take Mini Golf Creations to design and construct a miniature golf course?

This will vary depending on the size, structure, landscaping and working with contractors on the project. The team works with you on your build schedule and always will try to meet client timeframes and requirements.

Where does Mini Golf Creations build miniature golf courses?

We build mini-golf courses around the world, within Australia, in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, India, South Africa, New Zealand and SE Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam)

Is support provided after the project is completed and the business starts operating?

Of course! Our team is always on standby for any questions or concerns you may have about your mini-golf course.

What type and cost of maintenance is there for an ongoing mini-golf course designed and installed by Mini Golf Creations?

The overall annual cost can vary depending on the design and landscaping, ranging up to $70,000.

Why choose Mini Golf Creations to design and construct a miniature golf course?

We are experienced and have built many successful miniature golf courses around the world. We know what we are doing and how to do it. Whilst Mini Golf Creations is a business we the owners are highly passionate about what we do. As avid golfers, we build every mini golf course as if it was our own and for our own enjoyment and revenue generation.