Mini Golf – Not Just a Successful Outdoors Business Venture

  • May 22, 2020
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  • Tracy Duncan
indoor mini golf

Indoor Mini Golf Advantages

Mini golf is an exciting business venture, for both indoor and outdoor venues. It is a great business idea for people who are mini-golf enthusiasts and those looking to start a family friendly business.

Mini golf is a popular family activity throughout Australia. It caters to people of different ages and is a great source of entertainment for families and singles alike. Mini Golf was recently even voted as the most popular first date option for users of Tinder in Western Australia.

Mini golf is not just limited to outdoor venues. Due to the comparatively small area of land it requires, compared to standard golf, it can also be a great indoor business option.

How to Get Started

As with all business ventures it is important to start with strong due diligence, speaking with your accountants, investors and partners is a crucial first step.

Evaluating other indoor mini-golf venues to understand the requirements and logistics of the business is also a great idea.

A market survey will also help you understand your target audience, possible venues for indoor mini golf settings, costs of setting up, maintenance costs, and return on investment.

Possible indoor venues for mini golf include;

  • Shopping centres,
  • arcade centres,
  • amusement parks,
  • bowling centres,
  • roof top buildings
  • or any other indoor entertainment venue.

Since it caters to people of all ages, it is appealing for families looking for a fun indoor activity.

Cost and Profit Considerations

The average ticket price of mini golf is normally under $20, with a high rate of return on investment that can often be between one to two years of operation. The business also requires minimum maintenance and resources such as staff, which also reduces operational costs.

Having indoor mini golf in an existing location such as shopping malls or amusement parks also saves the costs associated with the acquisition of land. It also ensures existing traffic as people visiting the venue for other activities will also notice your course. However, when selecting an indoor venue, it is important to choose a site where visibility and traffic are high to attract customers.

Indoor mini golf also allows for adjustment of lights, especially at night, which may not be possible outdoors. You also do not have to worry about the weather with an indoor mini golf course, removing the seasonal limitations of an outdoor course.

You can also add other exciting features to attract customers to your indoor mini golf course, such as a video game arcade and food stalls. It is also ideal when catering to families as it allows diversified options of entertainment for different age groups.

Indoor mini golf can be a profitable business venture and allow for the inclusion of various themes and features which may not be possible in an outdoor setting. You can also attract customers by including special offers and events which allows them to use your course to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Contact Mini Golf Creations

As with any new business venture it is critical to start with expert advice. Our experts at mini Golf Creations have almost 80 years of golf course design, we’ve taken that experience, adapted it to Mini golf and work with clubs and businesses to design and install stunning and profitable businesses.

If you’re thinking of starting a business, or additional and complimentary revenue streams to your current business or club, please feel free to contact or call our experts at Mini Golf Creations for a free consultation.