Modern Mini Golf Course Design Ideas

  • June 18, 2020
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  • Tracy Duncan
The Benefits Of Building A Mini Golf Course In Australia

Only a few entertainment options have stood the test of time – one of them is mini golf. Mini golf courses offer a fun and exciting activity for golf enthusiasts and families looking to have a good time. These golf courses provide them with a memorable experience.

But the thing that makes these miniature golf courses a popular attraction is how well they are designed and what features they offer to people.

Golf players want lush green and beautiful golf courses that give them a real-golf play experience. They don’t want cheap gimmicks that used to be featured a lot in the old putt putt style courses. Therefore, if you are looking to open a new mini-golf course, it is vital to put a lot of thought into the designing of the course. The right course can prove to be very profitable in the long run.

Here are a few modern design ideas for your miniature golf course.

1 Indoor Courses

Although most miniature golf courses are built outside, modern designers are recommending building more indoor courses as well. Indoor mini golf courses can avoid any disruptions caused by bad weather and still provide a healthy activity for people.

In areas where there is a lot of rain, indoor courses are an excellent option. They can incorporate all the features of a typical mini golf course. Moreover, they are a better option for children who want to play golf.

2. Outdoor Courses

The age-old outdoor golf courses are still top-rated. They can be designed in a more similar way to regular golf courses if enough space is available. These courses also become a tourist attraction in no time.

Outdoor mini golf courses also allow crazy golf construction. You can create more complicated holes designed to cover the space available. It can also include other attractive features like fountains, windmills, and other decorative items.

3. Adventure Golf and Themed Courses

People are attracted to new and innovative ideas to spend their time. Thus, you should think outside the box while designing your mini golf course and incorporate new themes to make it more exciting. A well-thought-out idea not only attracts children but adults as well. You can choose a theme like dinosaurs, ancient ruins, history, nature, etc. You can even incorporate popular pop culture themes from movies and cartoons. Using the appropriate lighting and equipment can also help in creating an attractive golf course.

4. Your Personalized Vision

While designing a mini-golf course, you must keep in mind your vision and goals that you hope to achieve. You must consider all factors like the curb appeal, size, and area of the course and entertainment value you wish to provide.

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