What you need to design a mini golf course in 2023

  • March 30, 2022
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  • Tracy Duncan
mini golf design 2022

At Mini Golf Creations, we get contacted every day by people wanting to build and design their own mini golf course at their property. Firstly, it might be because mini golf continues to be one of the fastest-growing activities for all ages across the world. But it also seems like an easy business idea right?

Starting a business and building a mini golf course can be very exciting. But firstly you need to do a little research.

From planning and permits to working with the right suppliers, running a successful mini golf course business takes some work.

In this blog we share our latest tips, insight, and knowledge on what you need to design a mini golf course in 2023.

Plan ahead – get approved

The first and most important thing to do when building a mini golf course is to obtain all the necessary approvals and construction permits from your local council. The good news is that hiring an expert mini golf course builder like Mini Golf Creations will make this part easy. Our experienced team are happy to share their knowledge to assist you to get the necessary permits to build your course.

Work with professionals

There are a lot of people in involved in designing and building a mini golf course. Construction, architects, project managers, plumbers, electricians and more. It is extremely important to work with a professional company like Mini Golf Creations. But it’s equally valuable to hire a team that has built plenty of courses before. At Mini Golf Creations, we live and breathe mini golf; it’s all we do.

Mini Golf Design in 2023

Mini golf design can be complicated if you don’t have the right experience. There are lots of different course options, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this part, there are many questions to ask yourself when building a mini golf course in 2023, especially as they relate to design.

If the course is an add-on to your business, you may want to structure the design around your current business setup.

Putting a plan in place from the very beginning is crucial. Of course, the plan may change numerous times during the course of the project. Having a clear plan to work from will ensure the project runs smoothly.

Mini Golf Creations – the World’s best Mini Golf Course Designers

Luckily, there are professionals  who can help you design your dream course in 2023. A properly designed course can create a great business opportunity for the owner and endless memories for golfers.

We’ve handpicked an expert construction team to build the best mini golf courses in the world.

To see some examples of recent courses built by our mini golf construction team, visit our projects page.

To calculate the revenue from adding a mini golf course in 2023 see our – Mini Golf Calculator

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