• January 4, 2018
  • Mini Golf,
  • MGC_dev

18-hole mini-golf course built by Mini Golf Creations at the KDV Sport complex in Carrara, on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
The construction process involved a number of stages. We’ve captured some of those in the photos in the video below so you can see a ‘before and after’ journey of the site.

To see the course in action and/or play a round of Mini Golf visit the KDV Sports website

Construction process

We started by clearing the site before shaping the soil and building drainage and lakes. We then installed audio and electrical components. After that we did a ‘hole peg out’ and labelled features of the course. Our expert construction team sculpted and compacted a crusher dust base to make ridges, bunkers, and contours, adding rocks and timberwork.

We then installed the cups and then lay special synthetic turf that’s perfect for mini golf courses. The finishing touches involved landscaping the site with beautiful greenery and more rocks, bridges, water features and paths. And as you can see in the photos, we’ve also added lights so that mini golf games can be played at night.

Mini Golf Championship Course

The course has been designed and built so that anyone can play and enjoy it. From a child, to an adult to an experienced golfer. Each hole has the option to choose an easy, medium or difficult path to a cup, each marked with a different colour. This modern approach to mini golf is much more like real golf than the outdated putt putt courses.

KDV Sports opened its doors on the Gold Coast in October 2016. Since then the mini golf course has proven very popular. Drop by the state-of-the art sports complex to play at round on their ‘Mini Golf Championship Course’. KDV Sports is located at the Corner of Chisholm Road and Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Carrara.