• January 15, 2020
  • Construction,Courses,Design,Mini Golf,
  • Tracy Duncan

The first of its kind on the Sunshine Coast. Landscaped humps & hollows,  water features and sand traps. 18 holes of awesomeness.

Maroochy River Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast is the latest club to enlist the services of Mini Golf Creations (MGC) to design and build a mini golf course.

The Maroochy River mini course is the MGC’s seventh such project.

In its research into miniature golf, Maroochy River GC learned that other Mini  Golf Creations clients were experiencing amazing success. For example, Wembley Golf Course and The Vines Resort in Western Australia along with KDV Sport and City Golf Club in Queensland are reaping the rewards.


The MGC crew looked after the construction of golf holes, lighting, fencing, irrigation and the supply of flags, putters and golf balls.
To see the course in action and/or play a round of Mini Golf visit the Maroochy River Mini Golf Course