• January 4, 2018
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18-hole mini golf course at City Golf Club in Toowoomba, QLD

The total site size was 1500m2 with the total grass coverage being 600m2.

This is the only mini golf course of its kind in Toowoomba, and with its special themed holes, there’s no other mini golf course quite like it in the world!

In it’s first year of operation, 36,000 rounds of golf were played! Lots a whole lot of people enjoying mini golf!

Come and see what all the fun is about at City Golf Club, 254 South Street, Toowoomba.

Construction process

We tailored our design and construction process to suit the site. In this instance, space was limited, so we created a course that was very efficient in layout and size. The course was also built to slope downwards so that it worked with the existing lay of the land. It incorporated plenty of undulation and contours so that minimal earthworks were necessary.

The construction process itself involved our usual stages: clearing the site; shaping the earth; installing drainage as well as audio and electrical needs; marking out the course itself; pouring, sculpting and compacting the crusher dust; concreting and adding cups; laying premium mini golf turf; landscaping, and building features like bridges.

Customised features

The owners of City Golf Club wanted to customise their course to give it a unique flavour. As with all Mini Golf Creations designs, this course focuses on real golf gameplay (rather than the old putt putt style), but we are always able to custom-design a course to suit your needs. In this case we added three themed holes to the course:

  • Howzat Cricket hole
  • Strike Bowling hole
  • Try-NRL hole.

This fantastic 18-hole mini golf course at City Golf Club Toowoomba had its grand opening on Australia Day, 2017, with plenty of families, couples, young people, and avid golfers trying it out for the first time. The course has proven very popular among locals, with The Chronicle proclaiming that ‘Residents can’t get enough of new mini golf course’.