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  • September 7, 2022
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mini golf turnkey business

Turnkey Business defined.

A business that is ready for use and allows for immediate operation in its current condition is a turnkey business. So Is Mini Golf a Good Turnkey Business?

A turnkey business is based on the concept that you only need to turn the key and unlock the doors to begin a turnkey business operations. A full turnkey business solution means the turnkey business should function at full capacity and correctly from the moment when the business is initially received.

Time investment is minimal, so purchasing a turnkey business can be a great option for buyers with limited time or budget.

Business ideas and business opportunities defined.

A business idea is the first stepping stone in the building of a successful business. It’s a concept that is usually centred on a service or product that can be offered for money and can therefore be used for financial gain. A good business idea is unique, innovative, profitable, understandable and solves problems. A great business idea is the first spark of becoming an entrepreneur.

A business opportunity involves the selling or leasing of any service, product or equipment that enables the licensee or purchaser to start a business. The seller or licensor of the business opportunity will usually declare that it will secure or offer assistance in finding a suitable business location or provide the necessary products to the licensee or purchaser. The sale of an independent business is different as there is no continued seller relationship.

A turnkey business opportunity will provide everything you could possibly need to start operations. Help with location selection, provide necessary training, offer support and supply start-up stock.

Turnkey Business Opportunity Advantages

    • Usually requires a lesser initial fee than a franchise.
    • Tested and tried system of operation or product. Past experience leads to maximising returns and efficiency and minimising problems.
    • Intensive training provided ensures you hit the ground running.
    • Better options for finance. Financial leverage is important in any investment.
    • Professional promotion and advertising creates a better marketing campaign.
    • Ongoing support, training and counselling.
    • Assistance in site selection and negotiation for contracts and leases.
    • Purchasing power can get services, products and equipment at much lower prices than an independent.
    • No ongoing royalties, unlike a franchise. Any profits are yours.

Turnkey Business Opportunity Disadvantages

Business opportunities are usually a good way to start a business with low risk and a high chance for success. Nothing is perfect, if things don’t go to plan you could expect:

    • Site selection was poor. Look the location over thoroughly yourself, don’t just accept the chosen location. A better location could mean millions of dollars in profit over the next 20 years of operation.
    • Lack of support.  You may not have recourse if the seller does not supply guidelines or information that could help once your business is operating.
    • Exclusivity clauses. Your business may be restricted to selling only merchandise supplied by the manufacturer. Negotiate the agreement to stipulate supply sources in case product inconsistency or quality.
    • Bankruptcy of Parent company. Thoroughly investigate the business opportunity you are looking into.

What is the right business for you?

    • Honestly evaluate your abilities and yourself. Are you comfortable selling or working behind a desk?
    • Can you run the business with enthusiasm? How to create excitement of new products, etc.
    • Do you have knowledge of the service or product? How much training and information has the seller given you?
    • Evaluate the market for the service or product you plan to offer.
    • Contact other buyers to see if they are satisfied with purchase.
    • Do you require experience or certain training to operate the business?
    • Evaluate the business profit to sales ratio, time, service and financial leverage requirements. Is this the best business to invest in?
    • Will you have to work harder and longer to make the same money as you do now? Is there a better return on investment?
    • Check in with current operators to see if they have problems.
    • Research the company your are purchasing from. Year experience? Different fields?
    • Does the business opportunity have strong credit and financial strength?
    • Get an expert to check out the company before purchasing.
    • Visit the headquarters of the seller.

mini golf turnkey business

Is Mini Golf a Good Turnkey Business Idea?

Golf businesses are very popular. The mini golf business (in the United States alone), is valued over $1 billion per year. Mini golf is a worldwide success story, regardless of age, culture, or gender it is a social activity that all can enjoy and participate in. Mini golf is a great source of family entertainment, it can be very profitable and it is an all-weather business. To ensure success with your mini golf business you will require a great theme, the perfect location, and amazing landscaping and design.

A mini golf business type usually shows strong and immediate investment returns due to the profitability, popularity, and additional income streams. Consider adding:

    • a food and beverage area
    • a golf swing professional instructor
    • virtual reality golf driving range
    • a games arcade
    • functional website to pre-book games and purchase merchandise and vouchers
    • Merchandise and souvenirs for sale in a store
    • A mini golf course that glows in the dark to open up night time games


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