Types of Mini Golf Artificial Turf

  • February 22, 2022
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Mini Golf Turf

At Mini Golf Creations, we only use premium synthetic grasses so that you get the maximum lifetime use out of the product. We don’t cut corners or compromise on product quality. We insist on the highest quality assurance standards for our grasses.

Pure Putt 16mm

We take putting greens very seriously, as the surface and the quality of the turf makes a huge difference in the state of play when practicing your putting stroke. True Putt is an excellent choice for surfacing your putting green, as it has a true putting grass feel, giving you confidence when you’re practicing that you can have a realistic playing experience.

Prestige 35mm

Prestige 35mm Turf is a natural looking product that provides great comfort and durability. Made from state of the art materials, you can be sure that this medium length turf will stand the test of time, even in high traffic areas. The multi-tonal yarn give this product the appearance of real grass similar to couch grass, providing an attractive, neat and hassle-free alternative at a competitive price.

Long Drive – Tee Off Grass 35mm

If you want to practice your swing, you will need to have this turf to enhance your golfing experience. This is constructed especially as a tee off grass to hit your wedges through to your driver, you can even use a 100mm golf tee in our product. This is a mono-tone yarn build for your practising requirements. It will help you lower your handicap while you practice your swing while enduring the club impact without wearing out.

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