What is the Difference Between Mini Golf and Traditional Golf?

  • December 4, 2020
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  • Tracy Duncan
what is mini golf

Mini golf is widely seen as the watered-down version of its big brother, traditional golf. After all, traditional golf is played by elites, professionals, and the top-tier percent of society.

Mini golf however is more exciting than traditional golf. It is played by regular folks and people who desire a thrilling time of any age. It can be great for a party, a date, a family outing, or corporate team building.

Most times, people play mini-golf just for the fun of it

Amateur trophies, mild competition, and zero professionalism.

Nothing super serious — use a putter to putt the ball into the hole.

Well, that’s not entirely true! Mini golf is much more than a regular outdoor fun activity. If you’ve got an inherent competitive spirit, you will experience lots of excitement and thrills.

Yes, mini-golf is not entirely like what you see professionals play on TV, but you get emotional pumps like the champions that compete on an elite level.

Here’s the thing, mini-golf and traditional golf all share the same fundamental principles. Also, folks who desire to play at an elite level can learn a thing or two from mini-golf.


If mini-golf is quite similar to traditional golf, what is the difference?

First is the distance. The distance between the hole and where you swing is not the same. For a game of traditional golf, an average drive is 182 to 274 metres, while mini golf is only a couple of metres away.

A round of mini-golf is 45 minutes, while that of traditional golf is 4 hours.

That’s not all…

The obstacles pretty much differentiate mini-golf from traditional golf.

For traditional golf, obstacles are somewhat natural, they are forces of nature. The geography, wind, and flag pole all form the obstacle in traditional golf.

A mini-golf comes with different kinds of obstacles. No natural hindrance, just beautiful decorations, these decorations form the obstacles. A typical mini golf course is decorated with gators, windmills, and loop de loops.

The obstacles are clearly defined. All you’ve got to do is take advantage of the terrain and putt the ball in the hole.

Since the obstacles are static, most times, there would be some rearrangements to rekindle the enthusiasm among the players.


How the game is played

Traditional golf is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is get the ball from the tee into the hole. In most cases, a golf course has 18 holes, but beginners can opt for a 9-hole golf course.

The gameplay of mini golf is quite similar to normal golf, but there is a twist. First, you’d need a putter, a scorecard, a pen, and golf balls. The primary objective is to get your ball into all 18 holes.

Unlike the golf club, the putter is shorter, and it’s used to putt the ball into the hole in mini-golf.

The rule is simple, count the number of times it takes to putt the ball into the hole. Tally up all scores for the 18 holes and compare with other players. The player with the lowest number is the winner.

Each hole has a limited number of trials. To win, you’ve got to make each shot count.

Mini golf and traditional golf are similar but also a very different experience. They are fun games, and you can pretty much have a thrilling experience from any of the two.

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Now you know the difference between mini-golf and traditional golf, which would you play next?